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And here we got the princesses with their beautiful flanks turned red by the mighty Discord. All thanks to tricking Celestia into a bet for cake. And of course following the all rules, no wings and no magic (horns).
Luna: ClesTIAAAA!
Celestia: I know, I said I was sorry… Betting with Discord was a bad idea… But I was sure I could win.
Twilight: Princess… I respect you and all that but, the next time he offers you a giant cake don’t bet our butt’s on it.
Cadance: At least there’s no one around to see it.
Discord: Allow me to fix that Cadance SNAP
suggestive161972 artist:the-killer-wc14 discord33587 princess cadance35411 princess celestia101412 princess luna105648 twilight sparkle321985 alicorn256529 anthro295449 alicorn tetrarchy1126 ass60628 butt142688 human facial structure1243 literal butthurt389 lovebutt1461 missing horn872 moonbutt3971 nudity423366 paddle865 sisters-in-law1063 spank mark1239 spanked339 spanking2975 sunbutt4646 twibutt6633 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133504 wingless5454 wingless anthro2956


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Background Pony #D628
Discord shouldn’t be taking pictures of them being spanked and humiliated…
…he should getting it all on video! And then posting it online! And sending me a link!