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the babies names are fire sparks and crystal sheild
safe1691715 artist:springthornwillow6 comet tail880 twilight sparkle298351 oc675587 oc:crystal shield10 oc:fire sparks15 alicorn221475 pony953375 unicorn317127 alicorn oc26114 baby10367 baby pony6543 base used19356 big crown thingy2339 colt14737 cometlight299 element of magic2223 family4383 female1349631 filly65647 jewelry62242 male367874 offspring38392 parent:comet tail178 parent:twilight sparkle8183 parents:cometlight141 regalia19487 shipping198307 simple background388506 straight134933 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122786 white background96425


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