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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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safe1578776 artist:redruin0142 princess celestia90139 princess luna94088 twilight sparkle283168 oc606771 oc:anon11364 alicorn195885 human142401 pony848227 /mlp/9092 4chan6241 :o3470 :|384 chest fluff32666 dialogue60721 drawthread2116 eyebrows visible through hair755 female901867 frown21701 grin33081 hub logo9228 hubble2136 human male6259 lidded eyes25798 lineart19085 male306432 mare416862 no pupils3489 open mouth123569 partial color4711 ponified38463 sitting55192 smiling215802 smirk10982 spread wings47968 subtitles1304 text51272 the hub2522 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115421 wide eyes16214 wing fluff1434 wings76619 worried3436


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Background Pony #3604
>Dark definition of "dream".
>Comes from a japanese meme.
Sadly fitting, I suppose.