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The wallpaper I made for my comic's blog. Note it's gonna be updated every know and a then, you'll know when it does.

All cutie marks belong to their rightful owners by the way.
safe1658575 artist:didun850368 applejack165918 babs seed5693 berry punch6442 berryshine6443 big macintosh27648 bon bon16057 bulk biceps3379 cheese sandwich3847 cherry jubilee1089 cloudchaser3787 coco pommel5829 coloratura2836 daring do6305 diamond tiara10059 dj pon-328839 doctor whooves10608 double diamond1655 fancypants1897 filthy rich1126 flash sentry12530 fleur-de-lis3520 flitter2942 fluttershy207515 granny smith5232 lightning dust4423 limestone pie4843 lyra heartstrings28964 marble pie6339 maud pie12242 minty1211 minuette5705 moondancer4719 night glider1346 nightmare moon16579 nurse redheart3473 party favor1506 pinkie pie211473 princess luna97308 rainbow dash228434 rarity177540 screwball1438 shining armor22627 silver spoon6425 snails5230 snips4148 star swirl the bearded1977 starlight glimmer47200 sugar belle3048 sunset shimmer60945 sweetie drops16056 time turner10604 trouble shoes1108 twilight sparkle294154 twist2837 vinyl scratch28842 wind rider229 oc655121 oc:abyss12 oc:abyssal zone6 oc:afterlight7 oc:blue153 oc:condoor3 oc:elude5 oc:ember185 oc:mad dog8 oc:peace dove11 oc:russian roulette7 cutie mark45451 cutie mark only1251 mane six31137 no pony9276 the cmc's cutie marks4707


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