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safe1950043 alternate version66837 artist:snows-undercover84 dj pon-331389 vinyl scratch31389 pony1300172 unicorn436006 icey-verse675 alternate hairstyle33015 blue background7487 commission94694 ear piercing34850 earring26738 eyebrow piercing1204 female1583011 glasses76236 horn113226 horn ring6686 implied lesbian4132 implied octavia115 implied scratchtavia130 implied shipping6107 jewelry89043 mare606196 piercing52453 reference sheet15800 ring5066 simple background492175 solo1249154 tattoo7020 vinyl's glasses486 wedding ring991


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Background Pony #D5E9
The leg issue might be a consequence of not enough anatomy practice. If you look at the show and most fan works, you’ll notice that the rear legs don’t extend out beyond the buttocks more than half a leg width at most when at rest. Here, there’s an entire leg’s width displacement, which is why they look strained/malformed. Knee joint at rest should be approximately in-line with the buttocks if you want it to look natural; you need to shorten the rear legs and draw them more in line for a more natural look.