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safe1675460 artist:tzc433 fluttershy209426 sci-twi23705 spike77808 sunset shimmer61697 twilight sparkle296573 breezie2139 dragon54447 pony938278 unicorn310796 equestria girls196042 anime5251 breasts269508 breeziefied484 busty twilight sparkle11708 clothes448480 converse5523 crossover61039 digital art17689 female1335591 flutterbreez83 glasses60161 pokémon9009 pokémon trainer156 rotomdex1 shoes35073 smiling240164 species swap18823 thighs12524 thunder thighs7982


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I've seen a couple attempts at legit teams for the Mane Six and beyond. What I really want to see is someone make an AU where Equestria is a region in the Pokémon world.
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