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wooo i'm on a roll lol

anyways so here is a sort of part two abut Elizabeth


her story is similar to hyde's so here it is

one day when Elizabeth was working she and a stallion met the stallion was showing off and Elizabeth found it interesting and they went to do…"the thing" if you know what i mean but of coarse with protection and Elizabeth does not do kissing since she is conscious when it comes to health but after that day the stallion came back time and time again and then the stallion ask her out before then no pony ask her out, yes her previous clients came back but to other mares but this one came back to her could this be her true love that she will love forever and to start a new life with?, well sadly it was not because she knew this guy was a bit rowdy but since she is a extreamaly understanding pony she game him a chance, but after somedays she soon see he was giving her no space and was touching her inappropriately in the open when it should be in the room so she decided that her dignity is more important then her getting out a job that at the time she still needed to support herself and her mother so she broke up with the guy which he god mad and caused a bit of a show but not evreyone noted and her boss did not care but she stand her ground and told and looked away, the stallion looked walked away angry, Elizabeth started to cry because she hope to find somepony she will love forever and live life better but this was not the case.

Elizabeth is still a very understanding individual thanks to the stories she's read about creatures of the night or things similar to them but some have to do with turning from bad to good or them realizing how wrong they were and wish to be good or are sorry for what they done (even if they killed or severely harmed others) and never had the chance to be good because they end up well gone which is sad also Elizabeth feels so sorry for them and she knows there is a difference between that and being just a perv jerk.

just a note i feel a bit off writing this because i'm reminded of the jekyll and hyde movie when again i don't see him as bad over there ether, he just did not know any better at least to me but i know it's based more on the play and hyde would NEVER do that to a woman but hyde in the movie at least was polite the guy in this story was always been this way when going to these places and hyde in the book is different he is a a sweetheart, yes he looks like the one from the movie but that is how he suppose to look i know the move and that one song from the play but it was more about luna got me to love the story but i like to say it was my cradle to jekyll and hyde even though i been seeing it for years and never thought about too much but now i have to move on and start my own thing with the character i still like mainly because his sense of freedom and also i still like how hyde looks so i'm keeping it but iw ant to develop more of his and jekyll's character so i can have fun and make a great story that would give new perspective of the characters so i only need to do is a funny comic and i'm out for the year lets just hope i will get the things i need in order to get good quality even if it takes a while to figure it out so good bye and happy new year


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