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Something i drew back in 2017.


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Gonna post this here too, ’cause this is a fun idea.
“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”
It was a quote that Sherlock Holmes himself had made, and one that had gained him much notoriety, if not infamy. That bit of logic had led him down many strange roads, but always to the truth.
Usually these roads had been long and winding, requiring much in the way of investigative legwork and days of puzzling over faint and obfuscated clues. Rarely had they begun with the improbable truth standing right in front of him.
Whatever it was in actuality, it appeared on the surface to be a very small, very angry pony. One with a peculiar feature on its head that hinted at a far more spectacular pedigree.
It glared at him in what dim light managed to pierce through both the overcast sky and the dusty window, as if daring him to advance. The creature appeared to have claimed the upper drawer of a dresser; a high ground full of warm clothes and relatively safe from any would-be predators. He was apparently included amongst these, given its current attitude.
Holmes observed the pony through his magnifying glass, attempting to divine the legitimacy of the apparent horn. There was no visible seam, nor any glue. There was no scarring, no obvious signs of something physically holding it on or of it having been surgically grafted on. It appeared for all the world as if this was a genuine, living, breathing, angrily face-scrunching unicorn.
It appeared that the improbable had found him once again, and now Sherlock Holmes wondered only one thing.
“Would you be willing to let me pet you?”