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"OK, now to just equip the AK-47 into my primary weapon slot, and bingo," Littlepip said to her Pip Boy as she was using it. "This'll teach those thugs not to mess with the wrong pony." She then removed some other useless items to make herself lighter, wink wink. "And I'd probably gain enough caps to buy me the most wanted weapon from my Fillyhood," she said as she checked her caps screen. "Looks like I'm just about ready to go!" Littlepip wiped her bottom and went out the bathroom after flushing the toilet.
safe1654842 artist:snipiper31 oc652961 oc only431873 oc:littlepip4006 pony919322 unicorn302230 fallout equestria16355 but why550 clothes441157 fanfic10313 fanfic art13877 female1318362 hooves17339 horn58636 implied pooping154 mare456647 pipboy480 pipbuck3416 sitting60061 solo1030816 toilet1610 traditional art114592 vault suit3341


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