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Human Fluttershy: "Wait. Isn't it supposed to be 'Merry Christmas'?"

Pony Fluttershy: "What's a 'marycrismas'?"

I have always imagined human Fluttershy as of Middle Eastern descent for some reason… So… yeah. Anyway, I make commissions now! Contact me for more information.
safe1707985 alternate version45575 artist:edhelistar115 fluttershy212822 human154793 pegasus292376 pony969090 best gift ever2398 equestria girls200691 equestria girls series33048 holidays unwrapped2075 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14217 absurd resolution66251 boots22062 clothes460181 coat2847 confetti1924 duo61489 earmuffs1196 female1364559 floating heart2552 fluttershy's winter hat15 fluttersquee10 gift box258 gloves20122 gradient background12643 heart48426 hearth's warming862 human coloration5205 human ponidox3522 kanji189 leggings2054 looking at each other20260 mare481388 mixed media347 moderate dark skin745 self paradox1322 self ponidox8113 shoes36793 signature24861 snow13791 squee1961 sweater14531 sweatershy3179 tengwar44 text59612 winter outfit1518


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