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"♫ [Chiptune] Glaze Vs Interrobang Pie- Awoken 3D (Olly's 8 Bit Hackup)"

I got the idea for this project when I found Interrobang Pie's Project file for 3D Galax in some demo folder. It's such a shame he's not around anymore, I thought I could at least keep his legacy going a wee bit longer while being creative. :)


Somebody sent me the animation of wooden toaster way back in the day and I have no idea where it came from. If you know, please tag the artist and link the image. Thank you!
artist needed (24586) safe (1522402) artist:dubmood (1) artist:interrobang pie (1) artist:oliver hancock (17) editor:oliver hancock (24) oc (573029) oc:wooden toaster (225) pegasus (221188) pony (796945) 3d galax (1) 8-bit (265) animated (89209) awoken (14) chiptune (36) famitracker (8) hack (44) hackup (1) headbob (380) mashup (90) music (2447) sound (5966) to the beat (2) video game (4405) webm (9009)


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