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Soooo I have all these inktober images (like 25 of them) I made, but i dont know what to do with the originals Dx Any suggestions?


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safe1658246 artist:cadetredshirt420 apple bloom48384 dj pon-328835 fluttershy207487 granny smith5232 princess ember6248 spike77239 vinyl scratch28838 dog9186 dragon53501 earth pony231386 pegasus273194 pony922552 unicorn303831 alternate hairstyle26768 blushing189660 burger1779 clothes442243 collage1306 eyeroll550 facehoof1723 flying36763 food67189 glasses59277 hipstershy280 ink1305 ink drawing717 inktober1724 inktober 2019458 looking at you160057 missing accessory7899 traditional art114796 tsundere2786 two toned mane1168


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