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Superman and Celestia — We can be heroes

These two have a lot in common. Powerful beings with a solar affinity who are loved by many, great in strength but humble in spirit, working hard to keep the world peaceful while allowing its inhabitants to thrive.

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suggestive (121879) artist:marik azemus34 (348) princess celestia (87486) human (139579) breasts (226329) busty princess celestia (8472) cape (8519) cleavage (29446) clothes (389087) crossover (55138) crossover shipping (2515) flying (32656) humanized (91861) shipping (176994) skintight clothes (650) space (4364) sun (5445) supelestia (32) superman (601) symbol (322) water (10576)


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12 comments posted
Phantom Rider

You are already booped.
@Background Pony #F1C4
Do we have any newspaper reporters who constantly fall off of buildings?

(I'd so make a Lois pony a pegasus, actually. Just think, she'd fall off of something and be all "Help! Supermaaaaan!" and then remember, "oh, yeah, wings." about once a week.)
Background Pony #F1C4
Puh-leeze! If Superman would fall for any humanized MLP character, it would obviously be Queen Chrysalis.