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Just a simple drawing to make me calm (o')
And again; I'm testing some textures and some random style :>

^-And I wanted to use pastel colours; but I think I changed my idea for a little ;w;
Bleh º>º Sryforthiscringeness.-^
safe1678632 artist:cutieanimals5 applejack167680 fluttershy209780 pinkie pie213548 rainbow dash230898 rarity179314 twilight sparkle296960 alicorn219115 earth pony238523 pegasus281213 pony941174 unicorn311849 cowboy hat15204 cute195626 female1338094 flying37348 hat84524 looking at you163498 mane six31489 mare467478 one eye closed29538 open mouth140423 raised hoof44326 rearing5572 smiling240883 straw in mouth966 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122244 underhoof50755 wink24108


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