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Just a simple drawing to make me calm (o’)  
And again; I’m testing some textures and some random style :>
-And I wanted to use pastel colours; but I think I changed my idea for a little ;w;  
Bleh º>º Sryforthiscringeness.-

safe2117535 artist:cutieanimals5 applejack196150 fluttershy252006 pinkie pie249976 rainbow dash272823 rarity212892 twilight sparkle349784 alicorn302664 earth pony422836 pegasus471253 pony1478637 unicorn512375 g41926608 cowboy hat24513 cute257035 female1739146 flying52736 hat119506 looking at you246233 mane six36818 mare702737 one eye closed43961 open mouth225046 raised hoof66601 rearing7318 smiling376546 straw in mouth1445 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146018 underhoof66601 wink31926


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