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Anon and Coco enjoying a nice, friendly, wholesome hug. And after that, they're going to go to Anon's apartment, lock the door, turn off the lights, and watch a marathon of all the Star Wars movies!

What? You thought they were going to have sex? Ewww.
suggestive137002 artist:thegoldenmonk81 coco pommel5823 oc654169 oc:anon11380 human150082 pony921324 3d71553 comic105756 eyes closed88147 gmod7291 holding a pony2855 hug27188 latex11187 latex suit3280 quality1308 rubber1554 rubber suit390 running5711 smiling234716


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OP here: Oh shoot, don't know how I missed that. That's an error on my part.
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Well, considering the placement of his right hand, especially his right-hand thumb…
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