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Starlight Glimmer nervously trotted out the door of Princess Twilight Sparkle’s castle, aka her current place of residence. She made her way to her best friend, Trixie’s wagon. Starlight had been denying her feelings for her friend for a long time. She was afraid of rejection so she hid away how she felt and pushed it aside. That was until she was nearly positive that Trixie felt the same way towards her. Trixie had obviously been flirting with her often, giving her this sultry look that could only mean one thing, right? Starlight was ready to tell Trixie how she finally felt. She was very nervous, and yet strangely, kind of excited.

Starlight went over what she was going to say to Trixie in her head all the while making her way to Trixie’s wagon. As she approched the wagon she slowed her trot into a saunter. She slowly made her way to the front door and paused before knocking. Not 3 seconds later Starlight’s red eyes met Trixie’s violet ones.

"Starlight! I didn’t know you were coming over today!" The blue mare stepped outside her cramped wagon, nearly pushing her friend over.

"Haha, yeah well, whadda know," Starlight shuffled her front hooves, looking down at them, visibly nervous.

"So what brings you to The Great and Powerful Trixie’s humble abode today?" Trixie asked.

"Ahhhaaa, well uhm," Starlight stuttered, feeling butterflies turning around in her stomach. "I uh, I wanted to tell you something,"

"And that is…?"

Starlight swallowed her fear and sighed. "Trixie, we’ve been friends for quite a while now"

"And what great friends we are! We make a perfect pair don’t you think?" Trixie interupted Starlight, winking at her at the end of her question. Starlight’s face turned bright red, noting that Trixie is very obviously flirting with her right now.

"Ehehe, yeah. About that," she started. "I uh, I’ve liked you for quite… quite a while now. Like uhm… more than friends," Starlight stared at her hooves intently, worried to see Trixie’s reaction.

Her reaction.
Where is her reaction?
She’s been quiet for a bit now.

" Starlight looked up from her hooves and at the blue mare’s face.

"Oh." Her face was blank, but then it twisted into a smile. "Oh, haha! Oh Starlight, I knew you could be funny, but not this funny!" Trixie laughed.

"Wha" Starlight started, her stomach twisting even more.

"Oh geez! I didn’t know you were such a good actor!" Trixie laughed even harder.

"Trixie, I wasn’t

"Oh- Oh- you almost got me!" Trixie snorted, barely getting her sentence out. "Us? Together? As a couple? You are hilarious Starlight Glimmer."

A powerful black flash sparked from Starlight’s horn, knocking Trixie into her wagon and onto the ground. Starlight gasped, throwing her hooves to her mouth.

"Trixie, I didn’t mean to" Starlight started, stopping shortly after seeing blood trail from her best friends face down her neck and into her fur. Trixie looked up at Starlight with tears falling down her face, mixing with the blood from cuts that were cast opon her face. She had hatred in her eyes. Starlight saw this and started crying herself. She turned opon her now former best friend and ran away from the wagon and out of Trixie’s sight.


Sorry i know i’m not the best writer haha. ive wanted to draw this for quite a while now but i finally sat down and did it. I do really like how it came out but I wish I was better at drawing magic, I wanted it to be more spark-y than wispy. I think i did okay at the background, i couldnt really find any references of what trixies "yard" looks like so i did my best.

I want to clarify that the "flirting" that Starlight was talking about is when Trixie does that look with her eyes half closed and smiles. it looks pretty damn flirtatious to me if i do say so myself. Trixie is also just very flirty in this universe lol

also! no, Starlight really didnt mean to hurt Trixie, her magic is connected to her emotions.
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