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Twilight's about to rap battle somepony and take her down!
safe (1500160) artist:logan jones (257) applejack (153457) pinkie pie (196193) rainbow dash (211468) sci-twi (20268) twilight sparkle (271849) earth pony (171929) pegasus (212219) unicorn (232837) equestria girls (169722) applejack's hat (4498) backwards ballcap (666) baseball cap (1580) cap (3320) clothes (381180) cowboy hat (11680) equestria girls ponified (3720) hat (70499) hoodie (11079) i'm about to end this man's whole career (2) jacket (9627) meme (75854) ponified meme (460) supa hot fire (12) the rap battle (parody) (1) unicorn sci-twi (598)


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