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Flash leans in to kiss Sunset but with his lips puckered, he says in a goofy chipmunk sounding voice, "Kwiss me, Swunswet~!" causing Sunset to burst into laughter.

Pushing him away playfully, still laughing, she tried her best to say. "F…Flash, you're such a dork!"

"A dwork that you wuve…" Flash replied, still using that "goofy chipmunk" voice.

"Stop talking like that!" Sunset squealed in amusement but she was loving every second of it.

Dorky, goofball Flash Senty is best Flash Sentry.

I wanted to draw Flash and Sunset in my original outfits I came up for them again but this time using their new hair styles. I really love designing my own outfits for canon characters. Though in the case of shows like K-ON and Love Live, I come up with my original outfits because I don't wanna draw them in their school uniforms. I personally really like these outfit designs I came up with for Flash Sentry and Sunset Shimmer though. I might do a full profile of Flash and Sunset wearing these outfits later. Hey, it's a great way to draw Flash and Sunset again. Even though I'm moved on to other fandoms, FlashShimmer is still one of my favorite OTPs so drawing them again is always great. I love funny people and I'm still not ready to date again but someone with a great sense of humor is something I'll always look for in a boyfriend/girfriend. I find it so irresistible.

Love Live! School Idol Project is (C) Hasbro Studios
Outfit designs are (C) me


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