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Junior did a pretty well done job on himself for the Nightmare Night costume. Well not too much of a costume I would say, but he does look like a cat and he always denies it for some reason. Just put on contact lenses on his eyes and fangs and there it is.

I'm starting this a little early, or otherwise I won't have time to draw anything. I know some other artist done this a lot early this month.

Extra Speed Draw video
safe (1503848) artist:newyorkx3 (1197) oc (567975) oc only (386544) oc:tommy junior (122) earth pony (173302) pony (780826) colt (12350) door (3347) fangs (19596) halloween (6722) holiday (15121) house (1519) jack-o-lantern (1978) male (282496) night (21007) pumpkin (3396) speed draw (7) stairs (1381) traditional art (103632) window (6567)


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