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safe1970940 artist:dwk190 angel bunny10693 big macintosh31294 bloomberg156 boulder (pet)1406 bow hothoof1239 braeburn6702 brian (balloon animal)43 bright mac1582 bulk biceps3677 burnt oak156 button mash4516 capper dapperpaws1736 caramel2714 care package140 chancellor neighsay871 cheese sandwich4453 cranky doodle donkey1161 discord34766 doctor horse406 doctor stable406 doctor whooves11436 donut joe848 double diamond1811 fashion plate164 feather bangs608 fernando the straw34 filthy rich1255 firelight501 flam2342 flash magnus941 flash sentry14289 flim2434 gallus8437 garble2065 gentle breeze518 grampa gruff430 grand pear298 grogar1293 gummy5412 hoity toity1069 hondo flanks634 hoo'far587 hugh jelly244 igneous rock pie1034 iron will1417 jack pot355 jeff letrotski218 kevin (changeling)160 king grover104 king sombra15976 li'l cheese655 lord tirek5841 mandopony327 microchips1484 mudbriar905 night light2730 normal norman955 owlowiscious2112 party favor1646 peewee303 pharynx1215 pickle barrel208 pipsqueak3023 pistachio209 prince blueblood4465 prince rutherford839 pumpkin smoke202 rockhoof1277 rumble4273 rusty bucket83 sandbar6464 scorpan396 seabreeze547 señor huevos61 shining armor25870 short fuse170 snails5634 snips4472 soarin'15142 special delivery140 spike87281 star swirl the bearded2223 star tracker527 steamer78 steven magnet599 storm king1314 stygian919 sunburst8002 sunny skies147 swoon song238 tank2956 terramar907 thorax5073 thunderlane4576 time turner11430 tirek (g1)162 tom908 trenderhoof928 trouble shoes1332 truffle shuffle435 tymbal79 zephyr breeze2803 oc836255 oc:>rape52 oc:anon13049 oc:ponigg8 oc:red93 breezie2462 changedling10426 changeling58413 dog12098 dragon72146 earth pony361135 human202697 pegasus406327 pony1322625 unicorn446066 equestria girls233769 g4.56809 my little pony: pony life6229 my little pony: the movie20648 the last problem7156 /mlp/5800 4chan6794 >rape263 barneyfag15 bowtie12720 community related5894 contest360 dan vs563 doctor eggman386 drinking straw1161 gigachad spike1158 hat108886 holder's boulder209 king thorax3515 m.a. larson606 male459588 nicolas cage235 pony hitler47 prince pharynx910 razer14 scruffy129 security guard212 sonic the hedgehog (series)8084 spike the dog2879 the burdened67 top hat5034 tree41412 wall of tags5408


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Background Pony #A9E7
This contest turned to joke the moment Discord lost to memes. There are no women or actual fans voting for these characters. Just bunch of people who are still nostalgic for S1-S2 and only sit in Anon generals. This would never have any chance to stand on equal footing as waifu contests since voters are either disinterested in the male characters or are jealous that they stole their waifu(Discord and Cheese losing to pets and memes)
Background Pony #C344
Well, it was only ever meant to be an “/mlp/ - Pony” contest, which it still is, so I don’t see the problem.
Background Pony #1CE3
I don’t even care who wins at this point, this result is amusing enough as it is.  
Still rooting for Anon, though.