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Oh no. We are doomed.
safe (1503227) artist:jadekettu (177) pinkie pie (196572) earth pony (173129) pony (780272) caffeine (80) coffee (3348) creepy (3653) creepy smile (475) doomsday (24) electricity (616) featured image (744) female (827540) gradient background (9969) gray background (5490) holy shit (31) holy shit quotient (9) hoof hold (6617) hypercaffinated (9) lightning (2650) looking at you (131600) looking back (45327) mare (375824) mug (3415) oh god (39) oh god no (30) pinkie found the coffee (49) powering up (26) shrunken pupils (2084) simple background (316739) sitting (50371) smiling (197766) solo (926069) steam (1489) this will not end well (1201) underhoof (44079) we're all doomed (28) well shit (17) wide eyes (15523) xk-class end-of-the-world scenario (2158)


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124 comments posted
Background Pony #FAA9
Isn't this how The Flash got his superpowers? (or possibly supperpowers, as he was drinking coffee with supper)

Or am I thinking of Too Much Coffee Man?
Perfect Pony Plot Provider - Uploader of 10+ images with 350 upvotes or more (Questionable/Explicit)

There was an attempt
Me: "Now Pinkie, I know you're on enough caffeine to keep even Celestia herself awake during an opera, but I need you to stay calm…"

Background Pony #08B1
Deletion reason: Rules #0/6: Attacking Others, Unrelated to the Topic/Image
Background Pony #9403
I wonder what would happen if Pinkie met Nora Valkyrie from RWBY.

And they both drank coffee.