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It's not a phase — its a statement.

Because its always fun to draw "Emo Heart", I wanted to give an impression of her fall to the dark (ha) side.

Supportive parents are always great — But a child needs to establish their own identity.
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Emu War veteran..
I feel like she just made her situation worse off seeing as her parents can just keep her in their hooves via a literal giant magnet.

That and you could have probably just made gone and flatly denied your parents little expectations and just refuse their boomer style of disires. Maybe even started a Ponytube channel and done funny podcasts lampooning ur parents.

But no, instead you had to go the Hot-Topic route didn't you. Making yourself look like a cross between a prisoner, a black metal reject, and a tumblr stereotype.
Artist -


She purposely choose villains just to break from the norm, and to tick of her mother.

"Flurry dearest, don't you want a cute little guard-pony plushie? He' has the magic of friendshipp, and will keep you safe while you sleep."

"But I dont wanna pony plushie! I want Chrysalis, who is cool and kick butt!"
Artist -

I imagine there are no nerves/pain receptors in the feathers. So you can just jam stuff into them.
Flurry has the biggest wings in all of ponykind, so she can jam A LOT of stuff into hers.
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Planeswalker — FoME
"We could always go for the Sunset Method."
"I really don't think human high school is going to help her, Twilight.'
"Can't know until we try. She might even discover a subculture we haven't even developed yet!"
"Was that supposed to be encouraging?"
"Well, I'm encouraged."