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Commission by mlp-trinary

Smolder and Ocellus are the best friends. That's totally what they are. Just friends.

Seriously, though these two are adorable. Smocellus forever!


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Resident snarky dragon
Spike and Smolder also have a really interesting relationship within the series, but I subscribe more to the view that Smolder is like an older sister to Spike. Throughout the course of the show, she taught him a lot of things about dragons that normally family members would teach, like puberty (molting), how to fly, and how dragons normally act towards family members (poignantly shown when she adamantly stood up to Sludge when he faked being Spike's father in S8E24 "Father Knows Beast"). Within the student six, I would agree that Ocellus and Smolder is the OTP…

Resident snarky dragon
Yes! Even if you don't think they work well as romantic partners, surely I feel they work well together as very close friends. Smolder and Ocellus were paired together for friendship lessons fairly frequently (see S8E14 "A Matter of Principals" and S8E22 "What Lies Beneath").

I'll repost something here I posted on Reddit about a month ago: I honestly thought the bit of introspection that Ocellus and Smolder shared together in "What Lies Beneath" wasn't enough for me. I still have questions. To what extent does she still feel guilty about her parasitic past as a changeling? To what extent can Smolder empathize with Ocellus's internal conflict? Ocellus is obviously very intelligent, but if she visited the dragon lands and faced harassment from other dragons for god-knows-why, how would she respond, and how might Smolder respond?