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Commission by kachito. I thank you for all the hard work you put into this image, focusb. Wouldn't have been possible without you.

I've been wanting to give some female characters from the show a shine in the spotlight with Flash Sentry caught in the middle of it all. Even he's unsure how to make of it.
source needed14215 safe1658460 artist:focusb466 chestnut magnifico172 flash sentry12530 gloriosa daisy1788 juniper montage1290 kiwi lollipop399 supernova zap380 vignette valencia685 wallflower blush1973 equestria girls193610 ahegao23657 alternate clothes126 arm behind head5953 armpits42334 ass46958 beauty mark1106 bedroom eyes57226 belt5147 big breasts77863 blushing189685 boob squish1283 boots20837 bow27227 breasts265473 butt50756 carrying2141 chair6512 choker11139 cleavage33307 clothes442280 commission63489 converse5446 decoration576 drool23893 drool string5427 eye1585 eye contact6337 eye lashes114 eyes1916 eyes on the prize5288 eyeshadow14731 female1321460 flash sentry gets all the waifus284 floral head wreath1954 flower24454 flower in hair7306 glasses59280 grin36322 group3340 hair bow14740 hand on chest365 hand on shoulder282 harem879 headband3331 heart46387 holding2917 holly1693 hoodie13300 jewelry58931 junipersentry9 k-lo310 kiwisentry13 kneesocks1059 leg hold94 legs7905 licking19428 licking lips4123 lidded eyes29345 lipstick10583 looking at each other18919 lucky bastard1652 lying on the floor59 magniflash2 makeup20230 male357176 microsoft283 miniskirt4916 necklace17368 night25222 night sky1697 on floor130 on the floor168 open mouth137289 pants13667 party1793 pigtails4575 postcrush256 raised arm279 raised eyebrow6444 reflection3064 room1057 seductive2050 seductive look1214 seductive pose1560 sentrynova8 sentryosa26 shadow3950 shipping193987 shirt23598 shoes34359 shorts13347 sitting60300 sitting on lap243 skirt38268 sky13239 smiling235143 smirk11976 socks63768 stars14890 stockings31221 straight131833 su-z312 surrounded116 table8851 teeth8885 thigh highs34201 thighs11875 tongue out99170 touch321 valenci-ass18 valentry5 wall of tags2849 wallsentry6 windows779


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Background Pony #2951
Interesting that all of the girls are wearing their own outfits except for Wallflower…
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Background Pony #2E02
Ooooo I love Supernova Zap's hairstyle. Reminded me of this gal in Pokemon
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