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Commission by kachito. I thank you for all the hard work you put into this image, focusb. Wouldn't have been possible without you.

I've been wanting to give some female characters from the show a shine in the spotlight with Flash Sentry caught in the middle of it all. Even he's unsure how to make of it.
source needed14793 safe1705899 artist:focusb527 chestnut magnifico175 flash sentry12861 gloriosa daisy1816 juniper montage1338 kiwi lollipop428 supernova zap410 vignette valencia710 wallflower blush2111 equestria girls200344 ahegao24754 alternate clothes1679 arm behind head6335 armpits42932 ass49111 beauty mark1130 bedroom eyes59366 belt5514 big breasts82027 blushing197559 boob squish1370 boots22019 bow28613 breasts277579 butt58803 carrying2218 chair6814 choker12021 cleavage34555 clothes459412 commission68364 converse5663 decoration583 drool24769 drool string5628 eye1650 eye contact6490 eye lashes115 eyes1968 eyes on the prize5430 eyeshadow15604 female1362561 flash sentry gets all the waifus328 floral head wreath2043 flower25635 flower in hair7718 glasses61886 grin38516 group3486 hair bow15567 hand on chest389 hand on shoulder318 harem910 headband3463 heart48362 holding3170 holly1720 hoodie14152 jewelry63594 junipersentry9 k-lo330 kiwisentry13 kneesocks1096 leg hold107 legs8300 licking20181 licking lips4296 lidded eyes30681 lipstick11138 looking at each other20210 lucky bastard1777 lying on the floor65 magniflash2 makeup21456 male372466 miniskirt4981 necklace18770 night26335 night sky1789 on floor134 on the floor172 open mouth145736 pants14543 party1829 pigtails4780 postcrush271 raised arm304 raised eyebrow6567 redeemed six6 reflection3172 room1176 seductive2226 seductive look1293 seductive pose1671 sentrynova8 sentryosa25 shadow4105 shipping200187 shirt24911 shoes36707 shorts13969 sitting63198 sitting on lap271 skirt39737 sky14147 smiling248328 smirk12469 socks66290 stars15603 stockings32739 straight136344 su-z337 surrounded117 table9208 teeth9751 thigh highs36293 thighs13640 tongue out103896 touch366 valenci-ass20 valentry5 wall of tags3071 wallsentry6 window8508


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Background Pony #2951
Interesting that all of the girls are wearing their own outfits except for Wallflower…
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Background Pony #2E02
Ooooo I love Supernova Zap's hairstyle. Reminded me of this gal in Pokemon