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MILFs & Cougars Art Pack by MLPFWB

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Commission by kachito. I thank you for all the hard work you put into this image, focusb. Wouldn't have been possible without you.

I've been wanting to give some female characters from the show a shine in the spotlight with Flash Sentry caught in the middle of it all. Even he's unsure how to make of it.
source needed14376 safe1677834 artist:focusb498 chestnut magnifico174 flash sentry12645 gloriosa daisy1793 juniper montage1301 kiwi lollipop407 supernova zap385 vignette valencia691 wallflower blush2047 equestria girls196431 ahegao24003 alternate clothes131 arm behind head6093 armpits42581 ass47895 beauty mark1114 bedroom eyes58053 belt5287 big breasts79548 blushing192825 boob squish1328 boots21205 bow27794 breasts270008 butt53748 carrying2169 chair6618 choker11506 cleavage33732 clothes449322 commission65460 converse5535 decoration581 drool24238 drool string5498 eye1613 eye contact6415 eye lashes114 eyes1940 eyes on the prize5339 eyeshadow15070 female1337461 flash sentry gets all the waifus298 floral head wreath1986 flower24969 flower in hair7481 glasses60273 grin37144 group3405 hair bow15077 hand on chest373 hand on shoulder291 harem896 headband3371 heart47164 holding3006 holly1710 hoodie13704 jewelry60861 junipersentry9 k-lo313 kiwisentry13 kneesocks1073 leg hold99 legs8030 licking19763 licking lips4202 lidded eyes29863 lipstick10842 looking at each other19405 lucky bastard1698 lying on the floor62 magniflash2 makeup20691 male363045 microsoft283 miniskirt4947 necklace17997 night25654 night sky1737 on floor132 on the floor170 open mouth140273 pants14060 party1810 pigtails4635 postcrush258 raised arm283 raised eyebrow6489 reflection3099 room1109 seductive2100 seductive look1238 seductive pose1588 sentrynova8 sentryosa25 shadow4005 shipping196434 shirt24115 shoes35174 shorts13601 sitting61475 sitting on lap251 skirt38859 sky13576 smiling240689 smirk12162 socks64762 stars15166 stockings31823 straight133534 su-z316 surrounded116 table8981 teeth9242 thigh highs35017 thighs12588 tongue out101082 touch337 valenci-ass20 valentry5 wall of tags2912 wallsentry6 windows779


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Background Pony #2951
Interesting that all of the girls are wearing their own outfits except for Wallflower…
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Background Pony #2E02
Ooooo I love Supernova Zap's hairstyle. Reminded me of this gal in Pokemon
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