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Kilian Art Commissions!

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Here is our submission for 's Rare Mare art challenge! This was perfect since my daughter asked me to paint that unicorn from the new Intro picture . . "which one?" I asked, and she of course pointed to Summer Meadow! We really like this young unicorn student of the School of Friendship who is seen frequently in Season 8 (and 9? we haven't gotten there yet) . . here is some of our other art for her:

Most of these paintings with my daughter take 4 weeks at the minimum. This one is unique in that I hand-drew the outlines for her to paint without any guides, and without looking at a picture. I usually draw them quite carefully but this time I just decided to "wing-it". You can see I got the proportions a little off, but hopefully it is still fun. Here is a graphic showing the work in progress . .

. . always amazing to me how a really ugly piece of cardboard can come out so colorful in the end!

Excited to see everyone's entries!!


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