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"Smolder's recently been into girly things since she came into Equestrian, especially princess stuff. What's that have to do with her now? Well she just got back from attending a feast with her best friend Spike and her former Headmare Twilight, and yet she's still greatly hungry so she orders a bunch of pizzas for her and Ocellus. They've certainly had their fill, but Ocellus wonders where Smolder got that crown, the crown that suspiciously looks like Twilight's. She be even more suspicious if Twilight and Spike don't show up anytime soon. Don't worry though, if the worse has happened, Smolder luckily found an ancient Equestrian artifact. The time twirler, which she happens to be warring. How did she get it? Who knows at this point?" ~ Princebluemoon3
suggestive126354 artist:princebluemoon3281 ocellus4396 smolder6432 changedling7135 changeling39161 dragon46677 belly23774 belly bed2297 chunkling147 dragoness6492 fat19604 fat smolder23 female881285 females only10757 grayscale35824 impossibly large belly8807 monochrome146438 morbidly obese6742 obese10032 ocellulite3 princess smolder170 sblobder27 sbulger18 sketch58064 traditional art107974


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Background Pony #9602
I do hope there will be colored versions of these soon.

And maybe some fat Somnambula as well perhaps.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

never big enough
To whoever's been uploading all these pics by this artist: DeviantArt's back end isn't playing well with Derpibooru's uploader anymore. If you paste the DA url into the uploader, this site just grabs a low-res preview (instead of the full-size image, like it used to do). For example, DA says the full res version of this pic is 2592 x 1944 px, but Derpi grabbed a version that's a quarter of that size (1024 x 768 px) instead.

You can download the full res picture straight from DA, then upload from your computer to Derpi, so everyone can appreciate these fatties at their full size.
Background Pony #B92E
we need more fat Ocellus. I looked, only thing closest to this is pregnancy