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"Well, looks like Silverstream didn't get to work all that weight off like she intended. Instead she just got fatter and now is the biggest student at her school. Well, one of the biggest students at her school. She, at first was slightly embarrassed seeing every creature looking at her all shocked and at least polite enough not to mention it.
But she then saw her friend Gallus, and noticed he was constantly watching her, with blushing cheeks and nervous stutter. It didn't take long for her to realize that Gallus wasn't turned off by her enormous girth. In fact, he seemed to enjoy it. Looks like it was Silverstream's turn to tease, and Gallus now was stuck with a Big Hippogriff Girlfriend." ~ PrinceBlueMoon3
suggestive143222 artist:princebluemoon3770 gallus6743 silverstream6144 griffon27101 hippogriff9746 blushing198017 chubby chaser48 fat22151 fat fetish1551 female1365239 fetish40062 gallstream409 male373492 shipping200514 silverblob68 sketch62963 straight136570 traditional art117945


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Wow, this is great, even before it has any color: the size difference between Silverstream and Gallus, her full shape, the teasing dialogue between them, including the expressions and body language. I also like the little snippet in the description. Damn, reeeaaally tempted to write something for this.

Can't really say I blame Gallus for having a thing for fat girls. In fact, given the amount of time he spent alone on the cold, rock-hard streets of Griffonstone, I think he'd actively seek out them out… simply because their bodies are so soft, warm, and they're also very compassionate. Something that might be an active fantasy of his, purely based on how much he wants and would need that kind of both physical and emotional warmth in his life.