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"We're almost to Thanksgiving, so we're almost done with this trend.
This time it's Applejack and Rainbow Dash, once again in competition with each other. The challenge, pie eating. This should be a win for Apples since Dash is usually disgusted with pies. But it seems she's beaten that habit and now their both neck fold to neck fold. Who will win?" ~ PrinceBlueMoon3
safe1637469 artist:princebluemoon3553 applejack164399 rainbow dash226361 earth pony223302 pegasus265179 pony903019 amplejack144 applefat524 fat21012 grayscale36639 medal534 monochrome145981 rainblob dash768 ribbon6811 sketch59957 traditional art113445 weight gain3918 wonderbolts jacket12


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