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Parcly Taxel: When I completed the previous wish from Swivel Starsong to be in the Derpibooru community collaboration, her boyfriend Aspire Bolt came up to me and wished for the same. Even though there was not much time before I went on my holiday to Japan, I was pretty much forced to oblige and use my genie magic on them, seeing that their love would be complete if I went ahead.

Combined >>2211573 and >>2212163 for the 2020 Derpibooru collab.
safe1679656 artist:parclytaxel1326 derpibooru exclusive27731 oc667753 oc only439415 oc:aspire bolt10 oc:swivel starsong19 pegasus281576 pony941967 2020 community collab1152 derpibooru community collaboration3809 .svg available8192 absurd resolution65532 best friends640 female1338949 looking at you163663 male363621 mare467910 simple background384624 smiling241094 stallion105213 transparent background198561 vector75813


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