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Celestia’s so happy to have her sister back to normal.

Just thought I might as well put them together ^^

safe2153459 artist:wraithx796 princess celestia111795 princess luna116260 alicorn309925 pony1581369 g42006522 crown29401 cute263096 cutelestia4253 daaaaaaaaaaaw6897 duo164186 duo female29482 ethereal mane13154 eyes closed136930 female1780206 folded wings18831 frown35488 high res406089 hnnng2741 hoof shoes9364 jewelry110639 lunabetes4328 mare727644 peytral7165 prone34520 regalia35707 royal sisters6567 s1 luna8442 sibling love684 siblings21168 simple background585179 sisterly love523 sisters17559 sleeping29051 smiling389485 transparent background281010 vector89283 wings216668


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