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My First MLP digital art
Created on:  
September 1st 2018
Background info:  
Canterlot Cafe by. Serginh  
Canterlot cafe

safe2117535 artist:fadlihalimns24 applejack196150 fluttershy252006 pinkie pie249976 rainbow dash272823 rarity212892 twilight sparkle349784 alicorn302664 earth pony422836 pegasus471253 pony1478637 unicorn512375 g41926608 chocolate4329 date1225 dating155 digital art28393 donut2866 drink8046 female1739146 food97209 glass6503 lip bite14856 looking at you246233 mane six36818 mare702737 muffin7394 relaxing2040 smiling376546 smirk17494 table12507 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146018 wine glass2215


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Drinks on the table are not Alcohol, Champagne, Wine or even Rum. They are a Cocopandan syrups (You know they’re healthier)
put wine in the tags
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Rarity, Twilight and AJ trying to act seductive and are pleased by what their looking at while the rest are just acting normal lol.
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I don’t want to make them sad or something, but I would only date one of them, Rainbow Dash <3  
But how can you look at them and say no? D: