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Reverse Hungarian Notation
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SVG here. This is a commission for MidnightBlue766; my commission information can be found here.
safe1653526 artist:parclytaxel1299 oc652301 oc only431529 oc:mihály szekeres5 pegasus271447 pony918078 .svg available8087 absurd resolution65072 angry26031 austro-hungarian8 boots20775 clothes440854 coat2735 commission62965 dexterous hooves604 flying36627 gasser m18701 gun15491 handgun2623 hat82885 hoof hold7934 hussar23 male355669 pants13599 pistol2013 raised hoof42810 revolver1558 saber127 shoes34209 simple background375752 solo1029924 stallion102157 transparent background194566 tunic226 uniform10120 vector74746 weapon29360 world war i222


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