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Season end! Its done, three months, one story a week, over 70k words.
I have learned a lot by this and had a ton of fun along the way but I am needing a vacation before I start season 2.
Hope you all enjoyed the fun ride, expect some art and stuff based on the chapters posted in the meantime hehe.

You can read at Inkbunny
You can read at Fimfiction

I have a Paypal if you want to buy me a drink~

Art by Soulcentinel
safe1637234 artist:soulcentinel150 pinkie pie209709 princess luna96442 starlight glimmer46445 pony902547 fanfic:twin fates29 alternate hairstyle26269 alternate universe9970 bed38604 boots20458 canterlot5447 choker10687 cover art1108 cute189317 fanfic art13667 female1303145 implied158 moon22491 scenery7631 shoes33432 sleeping22496 story included8523 sun6269 swanlestia136 swimming pool2531


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Background Pony #6FC1
Lol Did Starlight finally got laid xD ? I still hope for love relationship between Starlight and Pinkie [even if it will be uneasy one]
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