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FIXED version

Page 2 of a commissioned comic.
explicit350058 artist:breioom223 oc683737 oc only448197 oc:bangtail3 oc:jet brasshide130 dracony6632 dragon56208 hybrid18757 pegasus291194 pony966189 comic:exception to the rule2 alcohol7189 blushing197353 cheesy19 comic109070 duo61188 erection14377 horsecock68414 imminent sex7000 interspecies22906 knot4355 knotted horsecock778 nudity369606 penis153268 piercing41037 porn dialogue106 racism702 urethra2453


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Background Pony #6856
How did he wind up that many drinks deep if 'his kind' aren't welcome there?
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I'm glad you're interested! The thing is, these are going on a commissioned basis, just whenever the client is able to pay for the pages.
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Jet Brasshide, Draquine
Jet is a dragon pony hybrid. I just chose to have other attributes. He still breathes fire, is larger than the average pony, a dexterous tail and leathered wings. And for the NSFW part a knotted horse schlong. No I didnt want to be like the rest of the more reptilian influenced draconies so I put my own spin on things and I am quite proud of how he turned out thanks to Breioom.

The mare is calling him "Dragon" as a slur because of a purebree prejudice.
Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

only problem with it is he's not a… you know… a dragon.

can't blame the artist for the character design though. plus I have no idea what you'd call a dragon with the head of a pony. dracosphinx? drinx? drinks?

who wants drinks?