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An alternate timeline where the wonderbolts is Canterlot's best and fastest food truck :P
safe (1522770) artist:pabbley (2232) rainbow dash (213801) pegasus (221347) pony (797344) bipedal (29141) clothes (387632) dialogue (56602) eyes closed (75599) female (846904) food truck (82) goggles (12765) hoof hold (6871) lineart (18015) mare (387211) menu (197) monochrome (142402) open mouth (115985) shorts (11310) socks (53898) solo (937155) waitress (692)


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5 comments posted
Background Pony #B1E7
On one hand, it's kind of weird or even sad seeing Dash just being a plain foodservice employee.

On the other hand, dat adorable pudge belly.