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With the element of magic utterly crashed and defeated, the night will truly last forever…

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EDIT 1/12/2019: fixed her torso width, defined abs area, added a lil moonshine on top of her toes
semi-grimdark (26231) suggestive (120398) artist:fetishsketches (526) nightmare moon (15539) anthro (214667) plantigrade anthro (24318) absolute cleavage (2527) arm behind head (1919) armpits (38878) barefoot (22798) big crown thingy (2073) big feet (115) blood (21237) breasts (221119) castle of the royal pony sisters (648) cleavage (29028) clothes (383157) element of magic (1702) feet (31908) female (829056) fetish (32319) foot fetish (6050) foot focus (1950) full moon (2692) happy birthday mlp:fim (790) horn (32803) horn jewelry (468) horn piercing (159) jewelry (44297) looking at you (131866) mlp fim's ninth anniversary (317) moon (20054) night (21029) piercing (31148) regalia (14220) shoes (26743) signature (16655) soles (3198) solo (927018) solo female (161479) toe ring (413) toes (5062) villainess (100)


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Ain't Misbehavin'
As long as I get to be her slave for those beautiful feet massaging and licking them, then I will support her cause through and through! X3

In Treue fest
How utterly glorious! The Element of Magic is surely a most exquisite prize for Nightmare's great victory, but it could never compare with the divinity of the night princess or those heavenly feet of hers!
Romance Dawn

After displaying her feet in a domineering fashion, she would just need to say "Massage em", Or "Lick em", and I would gladly submit to her as my mistress and pamper her. :3