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One stage of grief that I know very well is Depression. It is a horrendous feel that weighs you down. Everything you do takes x100 the effort it would usually take such as getting out of bed, changing your clothes, eating, ect. As the days past, you tend to drift deeper and deeper into darkness. Everything you experience becomes negatively distorted. Your emotions become heavier, it becomes painful to smile, and the stress of the anxiety is enough to drop you to your knees completely breathless. You feel absolutely powerless. Being around others may help. But, in some cases, it may only bring them down with you or put more weight on your emotional burden. ☹️

For all those that know the feeling, I am truly sorry and suggest seeking help. It is very hard to deal with alone. If you are anything like me, getting help from a professional would be best. I tended to experience more emotional stress around others which also tends to rub off on them… Knowing that also made it worse; it's a nasty cycle.

when it comes down to it, only time will help the pain.

(Sorry, I've been having a hard time grasping me emotions lately due to medication and therapy! It's awesome, but it's hard to draw emotionally charged images without making them feel "forced." My apologies)

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At first I was about to dislike this, but then I took the time to read the description, and I’m glad I did, I’m happy that art like this is being used to send a message, even in the darkest of days, we must keep hope, because no matter how long this darkness may last, there will eventually be a time when this darkness can be nothing more than a memory