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suggestive167352 artist:longinius886 octavia melody25633 earth pony338637 pony1266839 series:rarity's secret114 beautiful6575 beautisexy1208 bedroom eyes69968 bouquet1131 butt155397 choker16440 clothed ponies321 clothes540250 corset5012 dock59477 female1554596 garter belt4532 garters3207 lace1030 lingerie12056 looking at you207353 looking back70699 looking back at you21510 lying down29712 mare588147 pleated skirt4302 plot106530 prone29890 rear view17130 rose4563 skirt46571 socks78693 solo1225718 solo female201593 stockings40295 stupid sexy octavia378 thigh highs46277 treblebutt901


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Background Pony #F302
The classiest, sexiest, most gorgeous musician in all of Ponyville.
Octavia can have sex with me anytime. :)
Background Pony #385F
I don’t even want to fuck her. I just want to passionately kiss her neck while running my hand along her beautiful mane.