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Tasty ponies. Kinda…. fatly

Vore theme, patreon reward x)
Artwork by me Sunny Way
Characters belongs to Hasbro
Patreon reward for I am unknown

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suggestive137154 artist:sunny way722 princess celestia93107 alicorn215243 anthro250074 unguligrade anthro46246 bbw4192 belly27169 big belly10402 black and white12460 breasts265557 busty princess celestia9897 chubbylestia867 fat21376 fat fetish1405 feather5624 female1321739 fetish38163 grayscale37009 horn59382 huge belly3067 hyper9829 hyper belly604 implied death2500 implied digestion463 mare458391 monochrome146932 open mouth137355 post-vore1039 princess vorestia455 soft vore1104 solo1033360 vore13950 wings97335


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An absolute goddess!! I’d love to rub and worship her big, full, beautiful belly while she eats more prey! I want her glorious gut or plot to smother me! 😍😍😍
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