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As of March 24, 2021, these textures are still found in /dev/temp/UI/Win/Output/Textures/BuckHUD/Moveliststemp - except for the Bear, which came from Aaron on the TFH Discord server at https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/621747255430610954/649038807542267905/COMMAND-LIST-Bear.png
The moves now have more detail added to them about how to use them, and a command list for the Bear (Huggles) when playing as it in the Salt Mines.
safe1767011 artist:mane6146 arizona (tfh)1210 oleander (tfh)1215 paprika (tfh)1010 pom (tfh)739 tianhuo (tfh)652 velvet (tfh)1411 alpaca1065 bear1370 cow3470 deer6144 dragon59514 huggles15 hybrid20881 lamb544 longma665 reindeer2090 sheep1635 unicorn349320 them's fightin' herds4854 community related4416


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Very helpful stuff indeed!
Now, if you haven’t seen the WIP Level 3 Supers yet, pay close attention to their YouTube channel…~