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After pulling an all-night study session with her friends, Rarity's main concern is:

A) Not being prepared for the upcoming test
B) Going to school looking as if she slept in her clothes (which she actually did)…
safe1556366 screencap195316 rarity168024 sci-twi21718 spike74241 spike the regular dog2493 sunset shimmer56705 twilight sparkle279934 dog8432 equestria girls177556 equestria girls series28037 holidays unwrapped1413 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)11460 alarm clock356 bags under eyes1751 bed35545 blizzard or bust91 clock1611 drama queen216 dresser227 exhausted390 female880639 geode of shielding1639 geode of telekinesis2348 glasses53930 lamp2225 magical geodes6521 marshmelodrama716 offscreen character28768 oh no216 picture frame657 ponytail15252 rarity being rarity133 sci-twi's room95 tired2830 worried3339


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