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Page 1303 - Them’s Dicin’ Words, Part 2
Author: Paper Shadow
Guest Author’s Note:
“These comics went through a lot of rewrites in my head. At one point it was going to be a one-shot for the main group. The personalities of these new characters often changed and were refined. I have new found appreciation to anyone who makes web comics, they are pretty hard to do. In the end, I found a range of player stereotypes not explored in the main series which I hope to explore more in future guest comics (if I’m allowed to come back that is, haha).
Feel free to share stories of how games you were a part of introduced a new player to an already ongoing campaign.”
TFH DM: In the distance, you make out a small cow resting by a flickering campfire.
Tianhuo: A civilian looking for heroes, perchance?
Pom: Or a trap. Let’s bolt.
Oleander: Why are we pretending that it’s not the new PC?
TFH DM: What do you think, Velvet?
Velvet: Pardon? Velvet was too busy admiring herself.
Oleander: You mean admiring her Twitter feed?
safe1768434 artist:newbiespud1470 arizona (tfh)1212 oleander (tfh)1217 pom (tfh)740 tianhuo (tfh)655 velvet (tfh)1415 cow3472 deer6152 dragon59585 hybrid20905 longma668 pony1028321 reindeer2093 unicorn349915 comic:friendship is dragons1641 them's fightin' herds4866 campfire1140 collaboration5522 comic112323 dialogue68924 tent977


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