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This is a remake of one of my previous animations. [It's not just a crop it's reanimated from scratch.] Now with some new effects including a climax scene.

Art by DimWitDog. Commissioned by Blundergat. Check out my Twitter.
explicit337772 alternate version41224 artist:dimwitdog1680 artist:legendanger52 derpibooru exclusive26970 princess luna97172 alicorn214402 human149876 pony918955 2 handfuls of dat ass2557 60 fps471 ahegao23598 alternate hairstyle26705 anal26281 anal creampie8123 anal orgasm2824 animated95946 anus92915 blushing188966 both cutie marks9962 bottomless13107 butt50089 clothed female nude male1817 clothes441063 costume26605 creampie29098 cum76446 dock47361 doggy style7503 eyeshadow14664 female1318052 femsub10292 from behind12685 gritted teeth11472 hair tie760 harem outfit296 horn58560 horn ring5341 human male6495 human male on mare3554 human on pony action10209 human penis11103 inhibitor ring112 internal4011 internal cumshot3471 interspecies21933 jewelry58551 kunai96 kunoichi194 lidded eyes29290 looking at you159363 looking back54189 looking back at you13358 looking over shoulder3638 magic suppression3766 makeup20130 male355929 maledom4447 mare456493 moonbutt3237 night25139 night sky1633 ninja796 nudity355379 offscreen character32472 open mouth136377 orgasm10919 partial nudity19349 penetration54899 penis146769 plot75711 ponut41592 ponytail16969 raised tail14525 rear view11256 roleplaying525 see-through4996 sex115625 sky13146 sound8130 sparkles4164 spread wings51731 straight131411 submissive15920 tail24837 that is one stretchy ponut196 veil838 webm12155 wingboner8001 wings96440 x-ray7508


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The audio sounds like people playing ping pong in a cave with the ground covered in an inch of water. The animation itself is great though.
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Background Pony #98A1
I saw the original on pony e621 and it was tagged for rape. Is this still under that same category???
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