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This is a remake of one of my previous animations. [It’s not just a crop it’s reanimated from scratch.] Now with some new effects including a climax scene.
Art by DimWitDog. Commissioned by Blundergat. Check out my Twitter.
explicit398624 alternate version62635 artist:dimwitdog1710 artist:legendanger55 derpibooru exclusive32416 princess luna106579 alicorn261015 human186743 pony1248636 2 handfuls of dat ass2840 60 fps691 ahegao28460 alternate hairstyle32108 anal31022 anal creampie10263 anal orgasm4004 animated108868 anus112272 blushing227823 both cutie marks12081 bottomless15127 butt149234 clothed female nude male2003 clothes533862 costume32979 creampie36333 cum89569 cumming26449 dock58569 doggy style8702 eyeshadow20643 female1537982 femsub12459 from behind15542 gritted teeth15389 hair tie1133 harem outfit373 horn105509 horn ring6477 human male7309 human male on mare3895 human on pony action11376 human penis12565 inhibitor ring163 internal4870 internal cumshot4012 interspecies26064 jewelry84206 kunai110 kunoichi228 lidded eyes36375 looking at you203877 looking back69441 looking back at you20779 looking over shoulder4312 magic suppression4422 makeup28387 male435677 maledom6471 mare578908 moaning7610 moaning in pleasure3868 moonbutt4047 night30847 night sky2083 ninja904 nudity430339 offscreen character41138 open mouth183913 orgasm14531 partial nudity24112 penetration69748 penis178275 plot104159 ponut51776 ponytail21584 raised tail19350 rear view16489 roleplaying578 see-through6140 sex141196 sky17669 sound11505 sparkles5930 spread wings69165 straight153582 submissive20520 tail55091 tail hole1497 that is one stretchy ponut233 veil1017 webm17837 wingboner8845 wings158833 x-ray9191


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The audio sounds like people playing ping pong in a cave with the ground covered in an inch of water. The animation itself is great though.
Background Pony #98A1
I saw the original on pony e621 and it was tagged for rape. Is this still under that same category???