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I came here to ask you which of these six PonySebs will look best for my next drawings here on derpibooru: the A, B, C, D, E or F?


not provided yet


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Garbage man
Personally I tend towards B here

A and E have a nice yellow but the brown is a bit too dark, the small difference between the fill and lineart isn't too ideal and makes the hair look a bit shapeless in the thumbnail(same applies to the darker eyecolor choices)
C the color is a bit too pastel imo.
D the coat is very acidy lime-yellow, a bit difficult on the eyes.
F is very different, the more desaturated dirty yellow and very light brown mane are a bit unappealing and quite a bit away from Sebs usual design, it gives him a different vibe which I am not sure you're going for.

My suggestion for a mix would be
Coat A/B
Mane B
Eyes n hat B/C

Hope that helps ✌️
Background Pony #6219
Not A, or E to start narrowing things down. I've noticed you tend to pick really saturated, intense colors in your drawings and your work often ends up hard on the eyes as a result. All of the other palettes you've presented here are or reasonable, I think.

Beyond that, I find D,C, and F are the palettes I find most pleasing to look at. That's as far as I'm willing to narrow things down.