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Happy National Hug-a-Turkey Day!

…Yes that's a real holiday. No I'm not forgetting a different holiday. Certainly not one that involves the killing and roasting of certain large birds for a feast or any other holidays with traditions that could bring a certain yellow, animal-loving pegasus to tears at their mere description.

…So yeah, here's a picture of Big Mac and Fluttershy celebrating the holiday together by hugging a turkey. Enjoy!

Here's my Halloween/Nightmare Night picture if you missed it:

See you all for Christmas!
safe1654083 anonymous artist2594 big macintosh27599 fluttershy207136 bird7759 earth pony229615 pegasus271651 pony918564 turkey279 series:fm holidays139 apple15671 apple tree3006 autumn1594 autumn leaves107 clothes440978 eyes closed87834 falling leaves68 female1317733 fluttermac2807 holiday19586 hug27139 leaf982 leaves1850 lineless3640 male355813 no pupils3810 nose in the air1192 nuzzling3842 one eye closed28576 scarf22514 shipping193524 straight131371 sweater14026 sweatershy3121 sweet apple acres2820 thanksgiving403 tree30824


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