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Hi again everyone!
I know this isn't one of my best pieces, actually I'm pretty ashamed of posting it here
But I'm telling myself that every painting I make is a step forward and one day in the future I'm gonna look on this piece of mine and tell myself: "I walked a long journey!" Optimism, right?
This is even my first time I draw a pony: with wings, sitting, with back to viewer and sad pony! Wow, this is a lot of "first times", huh?
Anyway as always background ruined my painting — and I know it is absolutely my fault, but I'm always so uninspired and lazy when it comes to backgrounds I hope one day I'll be more patient with backgrounds…
I'll be happy for your feedback! I really want to get better.

Btw: This drawing is from MLP S09E02 when Twilight is sad because The Elements of Harmony were destroyed.

Have a nice day everybody!


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