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Another day of training the Hive's recruits led Pharynx and his currently very pregnant mate, Tempest under a tree outside the Hive. Tempest was currently well along with a pregnancy carrying the first recorded hybrid foals between ponies and changelings. Pharynx had decided to carry a bunch of grapes along, due to the fact that the slightly faster growing than normal (compared to pony foals at least) hybrids had given Tempest quite a constant appetite. Both Changeling and Pony sat down under a tree. Pharynx levitating over the grapes to his mate as he recalled the events that had just transpired.

"I still can't believe you managed to pin down that uppity showoff during drills today! Don't think he was expecting a pony, much less one very gravid mare, to tackle him out of the air like that!" The grapes floated over to Tempest's face as she got comfortable against the tree. The burden of carrying quite a few foals making it a bit difficult as she settled down into a sitting position after some time, taking the first grape off with a small bite as she savored the flavor.

"Well how else was I supposed to respond to someone calling the mate of one oof of the Hive's rulers "A fat, unworthy sow."? He's just lucky my endurance hasn't been up to Stop!* snuff. Else I would have knocked him unconscious right then and…" Tempest let out an exasperated groan as she rubbed a hoof over her belly, the occupants within stirred into activity due to her recent scuffle. Pharynx found it hard to take his eyes off of the belly he had helped create as their children tossed and turned inside, their hybrid vigor causing Tempest some distress in this final leg of pregnancy. "Can't you kids please let Mommy relax for a bit? You're putting me to shame and you're not even out yet.

With an idea forming, Pharynx scooted over, keeping his grip on the grapes intact. Taking a quick look around as if to confirm there was no one else nearby, he slowly reached overand placed his head on Tempest's shoulder, much to her surprise.

"What are you…"
"Sshhhh, It's a bit of a gamble but I think I can calm them down. Don't tell anybug about this."
"What are you even talking about? Going to sing to them?"

Much to her surprise, Pharynx did exactly that. All she could do was chew on the grapes as a melody of soft chirps and chittering emanated from Pharynx, softly stroking her massive barrel as he lowered his head. She could swear he was talking to her belly. Not long after, she started to feel the bouncing of one of the foals diminish into a near stillness, almost as if Pharynx willed the foal to take it easy. Her eyes were wide in amazment as Pharynx repeated the process across each foal within, the activity slowing down till her tight belly was as calm as could be. She had forgotten about the grapes as Pharynx rose up with a rare heartfelt smile on his face.

"Didn't think that would work! Only ever seen that being used on antsy grubs! Never thought it'd work on a live unborn ki- mmpphhhhh!" He was cut off by Tempest closing in for a sudden kiss, the love washing over him as she pulled away, a genuinely thankful expression across her features. "Just… don't tell my brother or anyone else about this, ok? I don't think my image could survive that.

"Your secret's safe with me."

Wanted to get some art of this underrated ship. And Bon did a bangup job on it.
safe1601095 artist:nsfwbonbon322 fizzlepop berrytwist8975 pharynx908 tempest shadow16022 bird7177 changedling7550 changeling42129 pony869833 unicorn279282 belly bumps100 belly button69998 broken horn13094 clothes419932 commission56632 crepuscular rays2486 female1273602 food63146 grapes416 horn49753 hug25828 interspecies21038 kicking1907 magic67460 male338751 mare433088 outie belly button1139 pregnant12454 prince pharynx653 scarf21227 shipping186337 sitting56635 story included8212 straight126276 telekinesis25165 tempynx18 tree28711


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Yeah, I recently fell in love with the ship due to a fic and felt it needed some more art love. Also had a hankering for some preg shippy stuff in general and Bon was open, so figured "why not?"