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Commissioned by UserAccount ; 3
An exclusive peek of Season 10! A few errors fixed again!
Commissions Info: PRO drawings for demanding ideas  
If you’re looking for a Pro Show accurate Hasbro High Quality drawing, just DM me >; 3  
No shitty vectorized unproportional human/pony/dragon bodies with pasted EG/pony/dragon heads, I don’t do cheap looking show accurate art variations, No other artists style emulations, you’ll get a picture like if it was taken from a screenshot from an actual episode.
New Commission Queue, you can track your commission progress, as well as your commission space in the list. LIMITED SLOTS.
If you REALLY like my art and want to support me go to my Patreon. My art will always be free, so no paywalls, because I won’t ask for free money Like many other “artists” do xd
explicit423978 artist:metalhead97772 bon bon17930 derpy hooves54335 lyra heartstrings32368 sweetie drops17930 earth pony372427 pegasus417099 pony1348691 unicorn457619 season 92461 the big mac question1137 spoiler:s091734 against glass1670 ahegao30299 bed51108 bedroom14051 bedroom eyes73880 bottomless15874 canon ship125 clitoris35664 clothes568697 commission99193 consummation18 cute239786 cute porn6780 cutie mark51914 derpabetes3398 domination2592 dress54903 female1626103 female orgasm1225 females only15338 flower33511 glass6003 good clean married sex1917 happy ending183 happy sex2628 heart63459 honeymoon88 horn121236 horn ring6849 intimate368 jewelry93537 lesbian109795 lidded eyes40148 looking at each other28253 lyrabon3756 marriage1619 married couple1458 messy2537 messy hair1239 necklace26467 nudity459865 open mouth202325 orgasm15750 partial nudity25941 peeking848 peeping280 peeping tom103 pillow22842 ring5420 rose4783 sex151417 shipping232711 show accurate23624 show accurate porn8949 squirting3143 tongue out130887 tribadism2429 vaginal secretion stain849 vaginal secretions47484 voyeurism2493 wedding dress2339 wedding night68 wedding ring1035 wedding veil521 wet10111 wet sheets4 wife141 wife and wife9 window11549


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Background Pony #2122
If you REALLY like my art and want to support me go to my Patreon. My art will always be free, so no paywalls, because I won’t ask for free money Like many other “artists” do xd
….. wut

With derpy hooves thinking scissoring action between bon-bon and lyra heartstrings looks like fun from the window when she was thinking of having a way in to turn lesbian action into a threesome.
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~intimidatingly gentle~
I do wonder if this was how they celebrated after returning from the furniture store,  
Or was this particular evening the reason they were at Sofas & Quills in the first place? xD