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Watch the claws Darling!
safe1688321 artist:pabbley2309 gabby2385 rarity180115 griffon26676 pony950038 unicorn315587 :c537 >:c162 abstract background14278 blushing194508 cheek pinch76 cheek squish862 cheeks152 cute197154 dialogue64425 disembodied hand2766 duo59552 duo female10199 exclamation point3711 eyes closed91378 female1346350 frown22586 grabbing721 hand8621 heart47603 high res26722 mare472050 offscreen character33425 pov13772 raribetes5307 rarity is a marshmallow394 rarity is not amused429 sitting62208 soft145 squishy cheeks2351 unamused15934


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
@Neko Majin C
You ruffian! You had better stop rubbing my cheeks within the next ten minutes or I will start to get very upset!

(To Rares): If I give you a big cuddle instead, would that be more acceptable dahling? :)
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